12 ways to make easy money in GTA 5

With the $500k package of Rockstar landing in the online GTA game in the virtual Los Santos city, it is high time that we put together ways of making money in the offline version of the exhilarating game of guns and cars. So here we go with the list of cheats and ways to make money for your offline GTA 5 account.

How to make money in gta 5 Online

How to make money in gta 5 Online

  1. Save

If you are wondering if it really means saving, then let us assure you, it does. The money you have in your GTA 5 account is hard earned and you definitely don’t want to spend it on irrelevant and immaterial objects. You have to spend on the weapons that will help you to survive but that doesn’t mean you spend your entire money on the Ammu-nation’s shelves. Take one from each model and get a move to the next set. It is also the same for other accessories like clothes and hair style. You have to make your persona look similar to you in the real world but that doesn’t need you to hoard up clothes and other stuff for no purpose. The goal in GTA is not about shopping for clothes and hair styles. Trust you will remember that.

  1. Invest

The world of Los Santos in GTA V is not much different from the real world. If you are looking to make more money and thereby more control on the city, then you need to start making smart investments. You have to make sure that you fund the people who can help run the city in your favor. Day trading is also an easy way to invest and make money in a jiffy, but they are equally risky. You can also use the Time Traveler method to beat the system and make money. For those who are oblivious to the method, this is where you make a note of the stocks and their prices, which interest you and then check the prices of the same after a few hours. Now note the stocks whose prices have risen rapidly, go back to your earlier saved version of the game and invest in them. Since you know that the prices are going to pick up in a few hours, you will definitely be making more money in a few hours.

  1. Assassinations

The storyline states that Franklin is offered the job of being an assassin to make real good money by Lester Crest. It is quite simple to make money through this method. All you need to do is take the job, assassinate the target and get your money. There are no shortcuts or complexities here. However if you notice you will see that the death of these targets will effectually impact the stock prices. If you can follow through the stocks that get affected and trade in such a way that your targets are billionaires as you take them out, then you will be making much more money than usual.

A tip on this would be to ignore the assassinations apart from the first one, which you will complete, until you have come out of the story mode.

  1. Stop dying

Have you noticed that every time you lose your life, you are also losing out on your money? This is because, when you die, the hospital in the game has to re-clone your version, provide it with clothes, ensure that it has a recollection of everything that has transpired in the game till then and more. That is why it is quite expensive to die in this game. It is not monstrously costly, but considering the game, you will be spending quite an amount in this manner. So simply ensure that you don’t die in the game.

  1. Rob Stores

A very common act of crime that can give you with instant loads of cash! It is quite helpful when you are falling short of funds, when you want to make a buy. Just walk into a convenience store, get the clerk to empty the register and run with the money. If there are more registers, simply shoot them all open and after the register is emptied and handed over, take the money and run. It is a crime and hence you can find the police behind you. Just lose them fast and escape with the cash.

  1. Walk with chop

Franklin’s dog, initially belonging to Lamar, known as Chop is one you could always rely on to sniff out valuable treasures and other collectibles. Yes, you have to tolerate notifications from the pooch when it is hungry but the pooch is extremely helpful otherwise. If there is nothing much to do, just take Chop for a walk around the town and you will be definitely walking back, not empty handed. This is a definitive guarantee.

  1. Heists

You will be handling multiple missions on heists as you work through the story. But if you remember and do well to execute them with care, you will reap great rewards. You would find multiple guides and opinions on how to make the best team for handling a heist. There are those who suggest that you go for the big guns so that you can land a larger and a wealthier heist. And there are those who suggest that you go with the lower end criminals so that you retain the largest cut from the operation. As for me, I go by chance and randomness when choosing the team. So I don’t think there is anything much to offer you as advice here. Just choose based on your instinct.

  1. Rob people at ATMs

If you think this is a common crime, you may want to rethink. And common or not, this crime does pay you well. All you need to do is wait near any ATM for a person to withdraw and then loot the person as they step outside. Just run with the cash as soon as possible and you can do this as many times as you want.

  1. Buy property

There is a income to be earned every week when you deal in property making it the most viable option, even better than the stock markets, only second to the trading of assassins. You may not be able to get many of the properties until you reach a much deeper part of the game, owing to their cost. The Hen House is the cheapest of the lot at $80k. You may not be able to see the ROI immediately with the property investments but you are guaranteed to be able to transform stolen money to legitimate property with this option. And you also get to feel like a businessman, even if it is small time.

  1. Rob armored trucks

Have you tried robbing the armored trucks? If not, you should definitely try your hands on them. All you have to do is explode the doors and kill the driver and you have in hand easily a cash load of $5k. You will be facing some serious repercussions with the fuzz though which you need to face. If there is no witness, then you will be doing a lot more successful.

  1. Force market shifts

You can easily inflate the stocks in your favor by making use of some loopholes. This is similar to how your assassinations can have an impact on your stock market movements, some actions of yours can easily help the market to fluctuate. To give an example let us say you have your investment in a car manufacturing company, then by trashing the cars of the competition will help boosting the stocks of this company. This is because once the citizens realize that certain brands are targeted they will start investing in the models that are safe. After boosting the figures, you can sell your stocks and make a profit.

  1. Cheat

Last but definitely not the least is the method that doesn’t require you to put in any kind of effort, the cheats. That is you can start spawning your vehicles, improve your invincibility and lower your wanted level and make the game more in your favor. There are a lot of options available to you that can help you improve the gaming and provide you with more venues to make money.

If there is any other method that you know of that can make money in millions in easy ways, apart from the ones mentioned above, then feel free to let us know through the comment section.

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