Video Game Tester Salary – Playing and earning all at once!

Are you the one who likes to gel up with the ever-changing pace of technical world? How about games that can help you earn some real money? Does it sound interesting to you? Then Gaming Jobs Online is the best option for you.

What is Gaming Jobs Online?

Video Game Tester Salary

This gaming company came into existence in 2008. This website has a group of companies which provide various online money earning schemes in the form of video game testers, surveys and so on. Yes! It’s true, though the name of the company is Gaming Jobs Online; still, you get more earning opportunities with the online survey option. A Video Game Tester Salary with Gaming Jobs Online is a minimum of $20 a day. The frequency of the payment, however, depends on the availability of the tasks. There are many payment modes available; you can choose the best that is preferred by you.

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Factors of Video Game Tester Salary:

  • Just like any other job, the salary of a video game tester also increases as per the increase in experience. More the experience more is the frequency of error detection and delivery of high accuracy.
  • Video Game Tester Salary is usually given on hourly basis. Overtimes are also paid if required.
  • In order to earn more and be a part of the team bonus plan, you would be required to be a full-time employee.

Other factors that affect Video Game Tester Salary:

  • Benefits: You can earn thousands of extra dollars a year by getting perks in the form of health, dental, vision, and other benefits.
  • Bonus: Some studious can offer you bonuses which can give you a good hike of 40-50% of extra income to the actual tester base pay.
  • Company size: Video Game Tester Salary highly depends on the size of the company that you are working for.

Getting a chance to earn with playing games is itself one of the amazing tasks that you can ever get. So just go for it and make something big out of this life.

4 thoughts on “Video Game Tester Salary – Playing and earning all at once!

  1. Yes I want to join. How can I be a member? Thank you.

  2. Yes I want to join. How can I be a member? Thank you.

  3. dyeemacrose says:

    Hello, I love to enter the industry. But Donno how to.
    Your guide here has given me a direction.

  4. jackeline mascareño says:

    I am making $87 a day.
    Really love gaming. I am blessed to earn for playing.

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