PUBG Reshade guide settings

Is it easy to see the enemies in the PUBG? Of course not as you would all know already. And if you are here to improve your game visibility, then you are probably wondering on a solution for the above mentioned question. Or you might want to be looking for better Reshade settings on PUBG, whichever be the case, this guide will help you with the same.

PUBG Reshade guide

Your FPS will improve slightly with the ReShade but if you are looking for a better frame rate then this is probably not the guide for you.  In the latter scenario, you should improve the vibrancy of your graphics card for a better frame rate.

In case of NVIDIA, this is referred to as the Digital vibrance and in AMD graphic cards, it is called as the Color Saturation. VibranceGUI is the tool that you can use for activating the setting for any of your games and you can easily deactivate once the game is over.

If you want a solution far better than the above sparing only a few FPS, then read on to know the way to do the same. This guide will help you gain a better visibility in the game, ensuring that there is no more blur and your graphics are better off than before. There are of course those who do not like too much vibrancy in their graphics.

Is Reshade allowed? Will I get banned for using Reshade?

In words of the PlayerUnknown it is quite clear that there is no threat of getting banned when using Reshade for an improved visibility and vibrant graphics.

Reshade Installation guide for PUBG

  • Visit the official website for ReShade by clicking here.
  • Now you will see a download button in purple, click on the same.
  • Once the program is downloaded, open it and select the “Select game” option.
  • Now choose the directory in which your game is stored.
  • Choose the exe file from the game directory.
  • Here choose Direct 3D 10+
  • There will be two messages that will pop up where you need to choose the option Yes
  • You will now be presented with the effects you can install on your game from which you can choose for the PUBG game. Of the options remember to chooseVibrance, LunaSharpen, Colorfulness, Clarity for sure.
  • Now simply tap on Ok and it is done!

You have now successfully installed the Reshade and it is now time to move onto the configuration.

ReShade Configuration guide for PUBG

  • Get into PUBG.
  • To view the window for configuration press Shift+F2.
  • Now click the “+” sign on the right hand top corner where you will be prompted to enter the new for defining a new preset.
  • Now you have to choose the effects that needs to be applied to the game which can be simply done by the checking the boxes for the said effects.
  • Again click on Shift+F2 to minimize the window.
  • You will see that the game loads the effects every time you load it.

How else can I improve my visibility in PUBG?

You can do this quite easily. All you need is to ensure that the PUBG is optimized and the peripherals plus hardware is suited for the game.

For instance, you should ensure that you have the right monitor, the right mouse for gaming and of course the right headset, if you are looking to have a better edge over the others.

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